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Multifunctional Electric Drill Brush

Multifunctional Electric Drill Brush

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Save time and effort on household cleaning with the Multifunctional Electric Drill Brush. This power tool cleaning brush is designed to be used on sofas, kitchens, bathrooms, wooden floor tiles, car tires, and seats. Quality materials provide a comfortable grip, making it easy to clean any surface quickly and efficiently.

The corner brush is ideal for cleaning hard-to-reach places, such as door and window frames, narrow corners, and grooves.
The flat brush is an effective tool for cleaning larger surfaces, such as floors and tiled walls.
The dome-shaped brush is ideal for limited spaces, such as showers and basins.

Product information:

Size: 2 inch, 3.5 inch ball head brush, 4 inch, 5 inch (solid or hollow)
Type: Brush
Brush material: plastic
Shape: round
Function: Clean
Brush wire: high-quality PP bent wire, wire diameter 0.2mm-0.35mm-0.4mm, color matching according to requirements, ball head and ball head are generally black or white hair
Color: red, yellow, blue, light blue, green, black, white
Chassis: glass fiber reinforced PP
Pole handle: nickel-plated high-strength S2 steel electric drill universal hexagonal metal pole, the pole and the chassis are directly injection molded, waterproof and rust-proof.

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